Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not? Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

Reviews of all the Hookup Sites
What is it abut this site that we liked? Well, not much. There were not many redeeming factors on this hookup site. It is an overpriced, overfilled with scams, hookup site. Of all the sites that we reviewed this one really was all but worthless. The scantily clothed models on the opening page should give you a big “run” sign. You can't get any information about anyone for joining until you supply them with your email, which is also a red flag. All the way around this site was one disappointment after another. ShagAHolic may be a very fun and engaging name for a hookup site but that was about all that was either of those things. When we signed on we provided our email to enter the site and…
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