Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

Who is having sex in the UK? No one on sex in the UK is. Why is that? This is a site that nothing short of an escort for hire filler. Not that escort sites can’t exist for real, but this site is nothing but a front for escorts who are looking for a little cash on the side. Not only are the girls not real on this site, it is real irritating to even try to find someone who isn’t going to come with their own credit card scanner for after the transaction is done. If you are looking for real girls on your neighborhood who want to have sex with you for free, this is not the site to be turning to. This is a site that will have you broken hearted and penniless.

Is this hook up website a scam?

Of the girls that we did reach out to we had a fairly good response rate. Of 50 girls, one of the highest amount of girls that we sent emails to of any site, all of those we reached out to answered at least our initial email. The problem was that of those 50 who answered us back, we only found 2 who were legit and wanted to really have sex, for free. The rest where women scammers, men scammers, and escort services looking to hook us up with a hooker instead of a hookup. A very disappointing site, we really had high hopes.

screenshot of the hookup site Cheekylovers

After 3 months of testing on Cheekylovers, we were really disappointed about the results. We DID NOT get laid with this hook up site. That’s why we recommend you to choose one of our top sites to get laid.

When you first look at the site, it is one of the more explicit sites which almost always sends up the red flag. You know right up front how much a membership costs, which is good, most of them wait until you give them your email to break the bad news to you. What we found is that the membership was the only thing on this site which was worth the money. Once we got the replies from the women, two-thirds of those answering were just escorts looking for cash. This is the site which had the highest number of escorts looking to turn a profit.

The adds ons for this site were good. You were able to make contact with anyone with a great app that is installed on your mobile device. That makes sense when you realize that the creators probably realized that an escort service front would do better if the girls could be pimped out instantly from your mobile device. The graphics were great, the photos were about average. There was really nothing that made us feel like this site was what it was until we got on and started looking around.

As for the girls who did reply to us. They were very, very forward, which is never a good sign. We talked with them for a while and at the end of the conversation when we went to set up the meet and greet, we were greeted with their hourly rates. Very disappointed, we quickly said no thanks and reported them to the site. There, of course was no response from them about it.

The worst part is that we got a barrage of emails in our inbox for escort services resulting from signing on. As if telling them “no” in the emails was not enough, they wanted to make sure we were serious by contacting us over and again. This was really a good set up. I have no doubts that it was nothing but a paid advertising site for many escort services. That is probably how the site makes enough money to keep up and running, look so professional, and have all the bells and whistles that we liked so much about it. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea, but shame on you for wasting so many guys time, and taking their money…Final analysis? This is not the site you want to be on unless you are alright with paying for sex. Since you are looking for a hookup, this is probably not the site for you.