Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

Now onto the ones we were talking about. Throughout this guide we indicated to you that there were going to be three sites which are the only ones that you want to get on, and the only ones which will guarantee that you get laid. SexSearch is one of those sites. At first glance you can tell that it is created with money, and the girls used to entice you are of a higher caliber. That is not only a good sign, in this instance it was an excellent sign. One of the top threes, this site delivers the way that those others couldn’t. Not only did we love reviewing this site, we still use it to find hookups all the time.

Is SexSearch any good or it

Our favorite SexSearch strategies for fast hookups

When you are on SexSearch it is not all that difficult to find a girl who is willing and ready to have sex with you, but if you want to ensure that you will get laid every time there are things that you can do to increase your chances. What we figured out is that the type of women who uses this site is upscale and high class. If you present yourself as a total gentleman who is capable of having a girl on each arm, but is looking for a beautiful woman of his own choosing, you will score big every time. Present yourself as someone who is wealthy, powerful, and above all mature and respectful. Those are the type of girls you are dealing with on this site, something special and to be respected.

screenshot of the hookup site SexSearch

After 3 months of testing on SexSearch, we finally agreed to put this hook up site #2 on our Top-sites list. You have to try You gonna love it!

Women on SexSeearch: Were they pretty

If you are wondering whether the girls on SexSearch were pretty, let me tell you the truth, no they were not pretty. Pretty is a term that you use for someone who is a five or more. The women on this site were not pretty because they were what we would label spectacular. They didn’t have either a pretty face, or a butherface, they had the most amazing total package that would get you to turn your head anywhere you were at. The women on this site were not only gorgeous, they were highly educated, intelligent and looking for someone who is just as classy as they were.

Although, in saying that, I don’t want to give you the impression that the girls on this site were boring, or snobby. They were just as much fun as the girls you hang out with on the weekends. The type of amazing girl that can go watch a sports game with you, go home and change and hit a governor’s ball. They had sophistication, yet they were exciting, engaging and fun too.

Test results: 3 months on SexSearch

The true test to any of the sites that we reviewed is the amount of girls that we were able to pull from the site and actually have sex with. This site has us hitting an amazing 70% score rate. If you think that isn’t amazing, you should have seen the girls we were able to get into bed. On most of the sites we reviewed we had a fair amount of women answer our requests to communicate, but once we got them to that point, making the next move to get them to have sex was not as simple as we’d have hoped. It takes a lot to get a girl from talking to having sex, even on a hookup site. What that means to us is that the women on this site were somehow more committed to following through with their sexual encounter. They weren’t there just to test it out, or to test the waters. The girls on this site seriously were looking for hookups. We were more than happy to fulfill their needs.

Gaming SexSearch

If you want to get the most out of this site, contact as many women as you can. Although you may think that someone is out of your league, how are you ever going to know if you don’t give it a shot. What we found with this site is that we got a lot more women responding who we thought we didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell with. The thing that we found out is that if we used our favorite emails and treated the initial contact respectfully, we were pretty assured to get what we wanted out of the women that we contacted.

Other ways to maximize your being able to get someone pulled from the site is to fully use all the tools that the site holds. Use the chat and chat room feature. It gives you a better perspective on women than to just see their profile pictures. Sometimes women don’t create the best profiles, just like men. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t hot. Sometimes a bad picture will kill the best sexual encounter. That is why if you are able to use all the other sites at your disposal you have a greater likelihood of either charming a girl who is way out of your league or giving someone a chance that you may not have otherwise. Use all the apps and features that you can. Unlike other sites there is no additional cost, so why not, right?

Top 3 SexSearch features

The best features that we liked on this site were the profile pictures, the ease with which you can navigate and the many options that you have to contact and to communicate with women. The profile allows you to upload a lot of pictures. That is important if you want to get women of all different kinds. If you only have one type of picture uploaded then you are most likely going to attract one type of women that you may, or may not want. If you are allowed to upload more than one you can target all different types of women. There was also a lot of space for you to write funny things, or to explain what it is that you are looking for. More casual than the rest you didn’t feel as if you were sending the girls a resume of your achievements, it was just a great place to let you be whoever it is that you want to be.

The second feature that we really liked is the ease with which you can navigate this site. Not only was it simple to create our profile, we didn’t need a manual like you need with other sites, it was easy to go from one thing to the next. There were alerts that you could set up when someone wanted to contact you and best of all, it had a GPS built in so that you knew where the person you were communicating with was at, not general place, but vicinity. This was one of the easiest sites that we used for hooking up. It is always a little stressful to get onto a hookup site. The ease that we were able to figure out how to use and communicate with women on this one, distracted from the stress related to it.

The best of the three features that we really liked was the way that you are able to communicate with women. There are so many ways that you can get in touch with someone you never have the opportunity to “miss” them. Whether you want to text message them, or email them, or even chat with them, finding them is not difficult. It makes setting up last minute get togethers that much easier. You really feel like you know what you are getting yourself into before you get into anyone if you know what I mean. pricing/cost plan

The best part is that it was middle of the road when it came to price and everything was included in the monthly membership. A small price to pay for all the sex that we got!

SexSearch – Our final recommendation

If you are looking for a great way to have sex with someone who is classy and definitely too good for you, then SexSearch is the one for you. There is nothing greater than shagging up and that is what you will get when you are on this wonderful and real, hookup site.