Never Trust Those Free Hookup Sites

free hookup sites

Who doesn’t love something free? There aren’t many of us who turn down free stuff, just look at the lines for the free samples at the grocery store. When it comes to hookup sites, however, you may want to give a second thought to the notion of free. Free does not always mean safe, or good. Free in the hookup world really just means that you are going to be inundated with advertising, fake profiles and scams galore. What you get in a free membership you make up for in, fake everything. Free hookup sites are a disaster. You get what you pay for and then some, but not in a good way! The best advice that we can give to you is to avoid free sites at all costs.

beware of online hookup dating scams

The free hookup sites look really good. They have beautiful women on them, they say that you can get laid for free and they say that you can have all the pretty women you want. What they don’t say is that the women are fake and it is all a hoax. They use your junk to manipulate your head into making poor choices. If you want to get sex for free I am going to share some crucial free advice for you… pony up and pay man!

When you use a free hookup site you think that it is cool because there is no accountability. You think “I can’t be traced”. That is what makes them the perfect target for scam artists. They have to make their money somehow so they aren’t really interested in clamping down on all the scammers that are keeping the site going, now are they? The advantage of using a PAID hookup site is that you have to input a credit card to become a member. I know, finding the card and inputing it is a huge pain in the ass! When you do have to use a credit card, it means that you have to be a real person. There are advantages to swiping a card after all.

The top three sites to get laid that we recommend are all paid sites with reason. When you have to supply your credit card information you necessarily have to be a real person. That means that you have the security of knowing that you aren’t talking to a computer generated scam, you are talking to a real live, breathing, woman on the other end. That is a great thing to know for sure. The way that you know that our top 3 hookup sites have real members is because you can’t talk to someone without a valid credit card. Case closed.

What did your mother always tell you? “There is no such thing as free”. That is true even on hookup sites. If a hookup site is asking for you to download free software to chat with other singles, say, “No thanks”. There is a good chance that that software will be giving you more than you bargained for. The software that they are asking you to unwittingly install on your computer will infect you with spyware and malware that can track your personal data and corrupt your files.

There are many sorts of infections that you can get from using hookup sites if you aren’t protected. It all starts with the hookup site itself. Always use protection against free installations, or anyone telling you something is free. Our top hookup sites don’t have you install anything. They are all completely web-based so you need not download anything onto your computer. Downloading software is a huge red flag for anyone using free hookup sites.

If you have some spare time at work, and want to peruse through the profiles on the hookup site that you just joined, you better have your own office. If you use free hookup sites you are likely to get all sort of explicit images floating around the page endlessly. They are chalked full of naked women, and other sexual content. Okay, so you are saying not so bad, but imagine a grow penis ad being put in your face every two-seconds. You begin to feel like someone is trying to tell you something. Not only do hookup for free sites have all sorts of pornographic images that are a dead giveaway to onlookers, they also have annoying and continual pop up ads that make looking through profiles arduous, and well, irritating. There is no way to put a stop to the pop up ad so either stop being a cheap skate and just pay for the membership or deal with it.

The worst part about the free hookup websites is that they are full to the brim with fake members, guys who are posing as women and escorts and prostitutes galore. The whole idea of having a hookup is that it is supposed to be two people consenting to having free sex, why would you want to hookup with a prostitute? It defeats the whole purpose of the hookup site. The free sites have a ton of hookers who are looking to earn extra cash off of those guys who are getting discouraged not finding what they want for free. They disguise themselves and then when they have you hooked, they get you to pay up. They are what we affectionately refer to as the “hooker-up”.

If you don’t mind getting a thousand emails imploding your inbox, by all means go ahead and go for the free hook up sites. They have no respect for your privacy. You can barely get your email typed in before they have sold it a thousand times over to anyone who wants it. There is no such thing as a Privacy Policy. It isn’t just that you will be getting solicitations forever, your private information will be sold to the highest bidder, okay really any bidder. Before you decide to use any site, especially free hookup sites, make sure that you read their Privacy Policy and check out their terms and conditions, if they even have any.

The best thing to do? Avoid free sites, stop being so cheap and just put out the small fee monthly for the additional security and the reprieve from potential headaches. Avoid free hookup websites across the board.