Reviews of all the Hookup Sites

Great name, not such a great site, sorry. This is one that we had heard very promising things about, unfortunately, it just didn’t deliver. What we found on this site was anything but sex. After communicating with several women, we only got laid 3 times. The problem was that our guy who tested it knew […] Read More should have been named This site offered nothing of value and took a huge amount of time and money to find that out. The first problem is that you aren’t able to get any information about the site until you give your email. Once you do, you can kiss it goodbye. The email […] Read More

What is it abut this site that we liked? Well, not much. There were not many redeeming factors on this hookup site. It is an overpriced, overfilled with scams, hookup site. Of all the sites that we reviewed this one really was all but worthless. The scantily clothed models on the opening page should give […] Read More

A simple and to the point name for a site that is anything but! This site was among the worst offenders for scams and escort services. We aren’t even sure that we weren’t the only legit sole on it. Once we signed on, we were approached more than any other site. Of all the women […] Read More

The only thing naughty about this site is the creator who decided to waste our time and money. You don’t even know how expensive it is until you give them your email address. Not being very upfront, this is one of the most expensive sites we saw. The problem is that you don’t know it […] Read More

Who is having sex in the UK? No one on sex in the UK is. Why is that? This is a site that nothing short of an escort for hire filler. Not that escort sites can’t exist for real, but this site is nothing but a front for escorts who are looking for a little […] Read More Being proud of being British is okay, being proud of being on Britishhookups is not. If you are a girl on British hookups what on earth are you doing? The girls on this site were among the sluttiest, yuckiest girls that we encountered. Sure, you want to have the bad girl to sleep with, […] Read More

Sure, we were definitely up for it. The problem is that this site did not deliver on its promises. At first glance this looked like a site that we could really get excited about. It had all the makings for a really amazing way to find the hottest girls in the UK. The models were […] Read More

If you thought maybe you would like to swing, this is the site that will convince you out of it. Not only is one of the couples on this site downright yucky, they both are. This is a site that was set up for those in a relationship who like to swing. The problem is […] Read More

It sounds like a good site, who doesn’t love having a little black book full of booty calls. The thing about the women on this site is that you wouldn’t want to call them, ever. This site was chalked full of ones and twos, and I am being generous. If there is a hookup fatty […] Read More