How To Create The Perfect Dating Profile On a Hook Up Website

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The only thing that you have to go by on a hookup site is the profile. The sad truth is that a woman is not looking through the profiles thinking, “Well, I suppose I will give him a try”. Nope, they are going through the profiles looking for someone to knock them off their seat, make them hot and bothered, and to give them the best sexual experience of their lifetime. If you are not wowing them in your profile, you are not meeting them at all. That is a guarantee.

beware of online hookup dating scams

We set out to find what it was exactly about a profile that women liked, and what sent them packing. We realized through using the sites ourselves, that there was something about the guys who were getting picked and the guys who weren’t. It wasn’t entirely about their looks, although if I can be honest that does have a lot to do with it. There was something more, that the guys who were getting laid, were putting out there. They had some sort of profile “mojo” that was making women want to have sex with them. What was it?

On a search to find out what works and what doesn’t, we tested a lot of different profiles to find out which got us laid and which got us the heave ho. Here is what we found out DOESN’T Work and what DOES WORK and how you present yourself to MAXIMIZE YOUR CHANCES of getting laid, not just tonight, but every night.

The profile is like you approaching a girl in the bar. The way that you walk, the way that you talk and the things that you say have her either instantly intrigued, or disgusted. Your profile has the same ability. The impression that it is giving to the girls who are looking through the site is the one that will stick with them. Remember you only have one time to make a first impression. It isn’t as if they are going to give you another chance. It is imperative that you take our advice and use what works, and avoid what doesn’t, if you want to have any success at all on hookup dating sites.

What most men fail to realize when they are creating their profile is that women on these types of sites are looking for quick meetings and hookups. They want someone who is strong and confident. They are looking for someone who has been around the block, knows what they are doing and is going to take the lead, not someone who is insecure, unsure, or doesn’t know what to do. If you are smart and know what it is that they are looking for, you already have the full advantage against your competition. You know what 99% of the other guys you are competing with don’t.

If you want to get laid you have to create a good non-porno profile and play up that you are a class act. Be smart and become irresistible to women. When you think about what is sexy, the first image that you conjure up is scantily clothed women. Women don’t think the same way about men. If you provide a profile picture that is pornographic, or has you not wearing any clothes, you are coming across as cheesy and gross. Women like things left up to the imagination.

I am going to say something that is not going to shock you, men’s body’s are not as much fun to look as women’s. Women aren’t going to be turned on by your penis flashing in front of them. They are going to be turned on by your strong chest and abs showing that you know how to gyrate. The best profile that you can have is one that shows your strength, yet your respect for women. That is a powerful combination that will win over any woman who is looking for a hookup dating profile to turn her head.

If you have ever been on a dating site you know that most people will tell you “Just be yourself”. Well, news flash, this is not a dating site. The women who are looking through profile for dating and hookup pictures aren’t looking for a reasonable guy who has a good career and can support a family. They are looking for their knight in shining armor. They are looking for their GI Joe, or they are looking for their pool boy who likes to do it in the cabana. What I am saying is that women are not looking for the average Joe, they are looking for their fantasy man. That is what you have to become. You have to tell them a story about who you are that makes you sound exotic, strong, amazing and exciting. They don’t want you to be real, they want you to be the thing that their dreams are made of.

The very worst thing that you can do is to be yourself. You are not going to be yourself when you are banging that girl in the sexual encounter of a lifetime. You are going to be the man of her dreams. Don’t ever be who you are, be who you have always wanted to be. This isn’t just about her fantasy, it is about yours as well. Can we get personal here? Have you ever dreamed of being someone like Leonardo Di Caprio who assuredly has sex anytime, anywhere that he wants? Now is the time, in your hookup dating profile to be the person you have always dreamed of being.

If you could be anyone you want to be…who would it be? For your hookup dating profile I want you to think Ashton Kutcher, James Bond, Chuck Bass, or Channing Tate. If you can imagine yourself as someone else you can present that person to someone else. Living the dream out not just for her, you will have the sexual encounter you have always wanted, being the person that you most would like to be. It is a win-win situation. That is something that 99% of those other losers on the hookup sites don’t know. So, you just put yourself at the head of the list.

Women also like a man who is outgoing and has exotic interests. It makes you seem powerful if you do things that others only talk about. When it comes to women, the more exciting you are the better. If you want to be the guy of her dreams, mention that you like to climb mountains, or take trips to Monte Carlo to gamble, just because you can. The top three interests that we found that really get a girl into overdrive are: Fast cars, Gambling, Motorcycles. Mention any of those three things and you will have them intrigued. It is all about the illusion that you are creating for them. None of it needs to be true, in fact, you want to make sure that it is not. Create an anti-you in your profile and you will get you picked hands down.

Picking the picture is going to be the most important thing that you can do for your profile. The dating profile that works well is the one which has the best image of you. The picture that you want to upload for your account should include:

  • Not your full face on, photograph more to the side to seem mysterious
  • Wear clothes, but make sure if you have any good assets to show them off
  • Unless you have been told you have a gorgeous smile, don’t smile like you are taking a class photo, give her more of a smirk, like you are the cat that ate the canary
  • Be doing something in the picture that is exciting, picture yourself on a motorcycle, swimming and wet
  • The number one thing to keep in mind is to keep it classy. Like we talked about before, girls don’t want your junk in their face, keep your private parts private for thetime being

Out of 20+ descriptions we used, here are the three that got women CONTACTING US MOST.

  • “I like to live and love dangerously. Respectful, yet powerful, I am the guy who knows how to please.”
  • “Bad guy with a soft side. Tender but a little rough…I am a hard shell with a soft inside demeanor.“
  • “Being with me is always something exciting and new. Spontaneity and fun is what I crave.”