Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

It sounds like a good site, who doesn’t love having a little black book full of booty calls. The thing about the women on this site is that you wouldn’t want to call them, ever. This site was chalked full of ones and twos, and I am being generous. If there is a hookup fatty site, this is it. Did we get lots of replies? We wouldn’t know because we couldn’t even find women who were worth contacting. If we did contact them we were actually afraid they were going to answer us. There is nothing about any of the women on this site that would make us want to bang them, it was full of the type of girls who you would describe had a “good personality”, although we can’t even say they had that.

Is this hook up website a scam?

The price for membership was ridiculous for what was supplied. The problem is that you don’t even know what you are in for until you pay the fee. They set you up by supplying pictures of the most beautiful women you can dream of and then once you pony up the cash, there is the old bait and switch that we discussed. The women were hideous, making the entire thing nothing but a huge turn off. We paid the fee and then when we hopped on to get started, we instantly felt “duped”. It was very obvious that the pictures of the women that they used to get us hooked were not using the site at all. There was nothing close to the women on that enticed us in.

screenshot of the hookup site DateHookup

After 3 months of testing on DateHookup, we were really disappointed about the results. We DID NOT get laid with this hook up site. That’s why we recommend you to choose one of our top sites to get laid.

What else didn’t we like? Once we signed on we were immediately inundated with all sorts of explicit emails. They apparently think it is alright to sell everyone’s personal information with anyone who is willing to pay. Opening your email at work after signing on to this site may be the end of your career. Junk mail galore, it took us months to unsubscribe, in fact, we are still getting mail thanks to this silly site. For those who want not to advertise to the world that they are on a hookup site, good luck with this one. Opening up your email is unreal, over 20 emails a day with explicit captions and just downright pornographic images galore.

Fake profiles? We can honestly say that we don’t know. If they were fake profiles, they were the worst ones we have ever seen. There is no way that we wanted to shag any of the girls on this site, little less sleep with them. We didn’t really reach out to anyone. They weren’t worth our time. It was a very short test. We got on, we looked around and we decided that we had just wasted the money for a month’s membership. If anyone was scamming who would know. This would even be a site for scammer fatties. What can we say but it was a huge ass disappointment, to be kind.

What is the final analysis of this site? Run, and run fast. There is nothing redeeming, cool or worthwhile about this site. It is full of chubby ones and twos who don’t even have a but-her-face, just plain nasty. We may have gotten laid tons of times, but the truth is we seriously had to just say “no thanks”. This site should be shut down out of sheer decency. Save your money and your integrity and don’t even give this one a second look. Money throw out the door. There is a reason why you have to sign up to look around the site. That is always a bad sign, here, it is more than just a sign it is all that they have to offer.

If you want to find single out where the most hideous girls are hanging out this is the site. Not only a waste of your time, but a waste of your money. If you are going to choose one site to be on, this is not the one. Not even worth the look…honestly!