Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

Sure, we were definitely up for it. The problem is that this site did not deliver on its promises. At first glance this looked like a site that we could really get excited about. It had all the makings for a really amazing way to find the hottest girls in the UK. The models were incredible, so we proceeded cautiously. Most often when the models are that hot, there is a trick to it. We went ahead though, because we had to do our due diligence, and what we found shocked us. When we went onto the site it was chalked full of girls who were 6 or above. At the first site of this site, we were thinking we had really stumbled across the Holy Grail…not so fast.

Is this hook up website a scam?

With our juices flowing, we carefully made contact with several girls who made our hearts go pitter pater. We waited, and we waited, and we waited. There were really no responses at all. Of the 40 emails that we sent out, only 2 answered back. Now I know you are thinking that it may have just been us, or our profiles, but as we said in the guide, we know what works and what doesn’t. For this site we pulled out all the punches and sent out best guys in. There were only two replies. Of those two replies, none of them led to sex. They were fake profiles, but they were girls who were really undecided if hooking up was really for them.

screenshot of the hookup site xxxBlackBook

After 3 months of testing on xxxBlackBook, we were really disappointed about the results. We DID NOT get laid with this hook up site. That’s why we recommend you to choose one of our top sites to get laid.

The site cost? When it comes to the most expensive sites, this was not one of them. It was on the lower end of the pay scale. That had us excited up front until we realized that it didn’t matter how much it cost if you couldn’t ever get someone to answer you back. So what was the problem you ask? The truth is that we don’t know. We can only guess that we were pathetic enough to be answered. When you see this type of ration of hot women, it sends up a red flag. The only explanation we can come up with was that the girls were not real, they were a scam. Knowing that we were average guys with good come ons, and not desperate, they may have decided not to waste the time to try to scam us.

The privacy policy was none existent which was why we were not at all surprised when our email box got flooded with everything under the sun. We didn’t get a whole lot of explicit emails as much as just a lot of them. They are obviously tied to the porn industry so we got the fair share of escort services blowing up our inbox. They allowed you to go back and unsubscribe, but with the large amount that became a huge pain in the ass, so we just shut our email box down.

What did we like about this site? I suppose if we had to give one positive to this site is that we didn’t get bombarded with people soliciting us for sex. Although when it comes to hookup sites, at least someone trying to have sex with you may be welcomed. We can’t really tell you what was going on because there just was no action at all. Our final analysis? It was an inexpensive site that was the road to no where. It wasn’t as if you were getting a lot of scams, or fraud, you just didn’t get anything at all.

This site is a good time, and money waster. The girls are hot and gorgeous, and although we can’t say definitely that they didn’t exist, all we can say is that if they do, they are very, very, hard to get in touch with. Who wants to waste that type of time. It is much better to go to another site and at a minimum get someone to talk to. This is the type of site that is more for eye candy than anything real coming from it. We say “don’t bother” with this one.