Comparison of the Top 3 Hook up Sites

Here are the most popular hookup sites that you should use

The problem that you find with most guides and reviews is that they are nothing short of a tool used to market, or advertise, specific sites. They were not intended to actually help the men seeking a hookup, but the hookup dating sites that pay them. That is where our guide is different. With so many different hookup dating sites to choose from, some would have you believe that there isn’t a difference. Not only there is a difference, but there are only 3 real sites overall. There are over 200 hookup online dating websites online. Unfortunately, only 3 pure adult hookup are LEGIT, and the rest are pretty much nothing more than complete scams.

Hookup Websites Rating Ranking Dating Msgs Responses Dates Set Up Real Dates Hookup Scores Read The Review Visit the Site
★★★★★ #1 150 123 64 59 47 Check the comparison Visit the site
★★★★ #2 150 132 61 51 43 Check the comparison Visit the site
★★★ #3 150 85 41 39 21 Check the comparison Visit the site

When you look at online hookup sites they all seem to be pretty legit. They have the membership form, the profiles, and yes the scantily dressed models abound. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that not just anyone can go and set up a site and call it a hookup site. The reality is that over 200 hookup websites in the World look virtually all the same, so there is no real way to know which are on the up and up, and which are nothing more than a scam. That is where our guide is crucial. Not only do we provide you just with the sites that are real, we give you the tips to make the best when you use them.

How do we know which are the top online hookup sites? We aren’t guessing. We don’t take money from the sites to review them favourably, and we certainly aren’t misleading you. We have used real scientific research to find the ones which are real, and to weed out those which are not. The best hookup date sites have been singled out and identified in this guide. Not a marketing ploy, they are the sites that consistently scored highly on all of our scales, had the most successful and satisfying outcomes, and didn’t lead to something other than what we expected to find. Some make the mistake of thinking that finding no sex is the worst thing that can happen when using hookup sites. Thanks to scam artists, that is absolutely not the worst case scenario.

Not only do we tell you which are the most popular hookup sites, we tell you the ones where you are doing nothing but throwing good money out the window. The purpose of a hookup site is to get laid, not broke. When you use any but the three that we recommend you are very likely to end up alone and without any money. That is the intention of the other 197 sites. They aim to take advantage of those who are looking for sex for free. Countering the entire concept of a free hookup, they will make you pay for it. Worse? They will not deliver on any of the promises made.

Hookup sites that didn’t pass our tests

Hookup Websites Rating Dating Msgs Responses Dates Set Up Real Dates Hookup Scores Read The Review
★★ 150 101 6 6 1 Check the comparison
★★ 150 90 7 1 1 Check the comparison
150 45 45 0 0 Check the comparison
150 5 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison
150 0 0 0 0 Check the comparison

How do we know which sites are real and which ones are nothing more than scam? We went through them all, tested them all, and ranked them according to the results that we achieved on them. You can choose to think that we weren’t smart enough, good looking enough, or experienced enough for the ones that we didn’t have success on, but that wouldn’t count for the ones that we consistently got laid on. If we just got rejected across the board, the problem would be on our end. The fact that we had very good success on some, indicates that we were able to find hookups when the site was real and LEGIT.

How do we test

Our testing method involved sending out TWO contact emails a day, on each site, for a total of 3 months. We then calculated who responded back to those emails, and who of those responses set up dates to meet. The sites that resulted in the most guys getting laid were the ones that we placed on the top of the list. They were the ones which we have labeled the best dating sites for hookups. The sites that sucked, and we found very little value to, are the ones that are found at the bottom of the list. Ranking very carefully, you can be assured that if you use the top hookup websites on our list you will get the results that you are looking for.

Now…you may be thinking that we skewed the results in ways such as only contacting those girls who were within our league. We aren’t the hottest guys in the world, but we did target only those girls who were the hottest on the sites. We didn’t lower our standards anymore than you would yours. These were not pity lays, nor were they lays with girls who you have to throw on some beer googles to feel good about. The girls, that we sent emails to, were the hottest girls on the site. We didn’t do what other guides do and pick random girls, we went all the way for the six and up….These girls, I can assure you, were HOT. The girls that we scored with on the sites that we had success were the type that would turn your head.

You can also make the assumption that we used guys who were so hot that any girl would love to date them. We took average, everyday guys to send out the messages. There were no underwear models, or stark faces, just your average guy. There are all sorts of ways that you can manipulate facts, that was not our intention. We know that the only way our guide is going to be successful is if the people who use it find success. That is why we used real people and real sites. If you follow the steps that we took, we guarantee that you will have the most probability of success. We guarantee that we followed the strictest controls to ensure that the information that we have to offer you is honest and useful.

There are many ways to measure the goodness of any hookup dating sites, but the true measure is how many times you get laid. We weren’t counting those women who contacted us back and it went no where. We only counted those girls who led to sex, that is all, nothing less. The results of what we found are below. We have organized them into a chart to show which ones we recommend and which ones you may want to pass up.