How To Get Laid Easily

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Who says that hookup sites are completely different from dating? There are some similarities between the things that you want to look for from the women that you meet online and those you meet when you are out. There are things that some girls do that indicate that they are more likely to want to have sex with you than other girls. An easier target, they are the ones that if you hit them at the right time, you are guaranteed to have sex with, with little to no effort.

beware of online hookup dating scams

There are signs that women give off that they are not only ready to have sex, they want nothing more than to have sex with the first guy who is good to go. Like a flashing light on their foreheads, if you can spot it, you are going to have sex with them easily. There is a science to spotting easy girls that if you know what it is you are looking for, you are going to beat out your competition every time. It is all about timing.

Many women use hookup sites for something called “revenge fucks”. If you haven’t heard the term before, you are lucky, and unlucky I suppose. When you break up with a girl, or hurt her feelings badly enough, she will want to get back at you by doing the one thing that hurts the most. She will want to hurt you by having sex with someone else. That is what revenge fucks are. Not only do they want revenge, they want it quick and now. If you don’t catch them when they are really mad they may come to their senses and forget about the mission. That is why it is important to strike when the iron is hot. Girls with revenge on their minds are the easiest tactic for getting laid online.

Which Girls are looking for a revenge fuck

How do you know when a girl is out for revenge? She will have an overtone of being angry. She will say things about her ex, and give you an indication that there is something that is forcing her to want to have sex and quickly. Most likely she will name that person, or tell you about him just to get it out of the way. Women who are out for revenge sex are pissed off in general. They won’t take it out on you, well they will, but in a good way.

One more trick to find a hook up?

The easiest women to pickup are 4s that are (sometimes, but not always) overweight. 4s and 5s are those who aren’t all that much to look at and know it. They don’t have a whole lot of self-confidence, if any at all. They aren’t outgoing, or charming, they are what you would call “plain Jane’s”. They aren’t ugly. There is something redeeming about them, but they don’t seem to notice it. Sometimes a diamond in a rough, you can see the skinny them inside who is dying to get out.

Now don’t freak out, we aren’t suggesting that you have to go around chubby chasing to get lucky. In fact, we spent very little time shagging fatties, but to be honest, sometimes it is nice to have a few quick wins under your belt to gain some confidence. Not everyone can be a 6 or above. Sex is sometimes just sex and enjoyable for what it is. There is no shame in having sex with a four once in a while, it is something that makes you feel somewhat accomplished, and when you are out of her league, it gives you a sense of power.