Don’t Get Fooled By Hookup Dating Scams

Before we begin to talk about how to be successful on hookup sites I think it is most important to talk about the downside of hookup sites all together. Hookup dating is a huge business here with good reason. Who doesn’t love free sex that has no commitment? As a result of the popularity of it, there are those who seek to take advantage of the industry users. There are a ton of English hookup dating scams that you can fall prey to. Dating scams are something that most of us think we are too smart to get deceived by, but let me put that myth to a rest. Even a rocket scientist can get scammed by a scammer. It isn’t about your intelligence, as much as your eagerness for things to go the way that you desire.

beware of online hookup dating scams

There are many scammers who are, as you are reading this, creating legit-looking hookup sites that seek to separate you from your money. They look no different from other hookup sites, that is the key to them. Hookup dating scams are so good because it is a business. It isn’t just one guy sitting in his home office, it is real business people putting on real scams to get the best of you, and to rob you of your cash.

I can assure you with 100% certainly that if you stick to the three sites that we recommend in this guide, you will not be taken advantage of, or scammed out of your dignity or your money. If you purely use only the three sites that we outline you are never going to encounter fake profiles, fake messages, or any other unscrupulous material. What you will find is real people trying to find real hookups and nothing else.

When you do choose the hookup sites you want to try, always proceed with caution. Don’t believe that the “perfect 10” that they use to drag you in are going to be the girls that you will actually be communicating with. Those pictures are nothing more than models who are there to entice you to use the site. They use the most beautiful women to get your juices flowing, but I can assure you that the likelihood that you will meet any of those models is zero to none. The old bait and switch is still alive in the dating site scams game. They show you what you think you are going to get when you sign on, what you really get is nothing close to the models on the cover page.

That is true of any site, even the ones we recommend. On any of the hookup sites that you are going to be on, you are going to find real women who are more like 6, 7 or 8, but unless you yourself are an underwear model, who are you to be so picky? Sex with a 6 is better than no sex at all… The best part is that there is no commitment and it is all free.

Lastly, don’t be fooled into thinking the bad guys are always guys like us. Occasionally you will run into women who are just as capable of being shitty. Women who are using hookup site scams are easy to spot because they will use the oldest trick in the book. Asking you to send them money so they can fly over, it will be the last time you send them anything because they will be long gone with your cash in hand. The cardinal rule of hookup dating? Don’t ever, ever, ever send money to someone you meet online. If they are asking your for cash press delete quickly and never look back.